Parlourtop floor surfacing

Parlourtop floor surfacing was developed specifically for application to the floors of new milking parlours. It has been in use in Ireland since 1993.

Parlourtop hardens the floor surface and can help to provide increased slip resistance capability in accordance with the department regulations which state: “Floors shall be 100mm concrete on 150mm well compacted hardcore foundation, with non slip finish. This can be achieved by adding carborundum powder or other abrasive material before the final trowelling.”

The quartz aggregates in the Parlourtop help to increase the abrasion resistance of the floor, at the point of contact with the traffic, by about 200%. The aggregates also make it easier to achieve a good, slip resistant finish which has better resistance the polishing effects of wear and tear, than normal concrete.
Rotary milking parlour floors and walls
Example of a typical milking parlour
First application nearly done
Second coat being applied
Trowelling second coat
Ideal finish for Parlourtop on cow stand
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