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Industrial Flooring

Dust proofing

Non-pigmented sealers for concrete floors. Low viscosity, water-based or solvent-based acrylic, epoxy and polyurethane resins to permanently impregnate and seal dusty floors.

Resin coatings

Coloured epoxy, polyurethane and urea resin coatings to provide attractive finishes in new or old factories, warehouses, stockrooms, garages or car parks.

Self-levelling screeds

High strength cement-based screeds, hand-applied or pumped, provide smooth floors suitable for fork lift traffic, internally or externally.

Resin screeds

Epoxy or Polyurethane resin screeds provide exceptionally hard-wearing finishes to food plants, kitchens or chemical storage areas.

Non-slip finishes

Fast-setting polyurethane or urea resins incorporate graded aggregates for areas requiring good slip resistance for foot or vehicular traffic.

Rapid drying screeds

Cement-based screeds dry within days allowing the application of wooden, vinyl or tiled coverings to proceed quickly.

Bonded polymer screeds

Polymer admixtures allow cement based screeds from 12mm to be applied to concrete subfloors.

Dry shake toppings

Coloured or natural, quartz or metallic dry shakes increase the abrasion resistance of the surface by over 500%.
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