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Specialist Grouts

Expanding non-shrink grouts

High flow, high strength, cement-based grouts for placing under crane rails, machinery and base plates.

Epoxy resin grouts

High-flow epoxy grouts for use under rails, machinery and applications requiring high impact resistance and good early strength.

Low-viscosity liquid grouts

Epoxy resin grouts for use in small gaps or cracks. .

Expanding agents

Admixtures for creating site batched non-shrink grout. .

Rapid-set grouts

Magnesium phosphate-based grouts for applications where very early strength development is required or where cold weather is anticipated.

Dry pack grouts

Non-flow grouts for applications which are not suited to pourable grouts. .

Underwater grouts

Expanding grouts with anti-washout properties for placing under water. .
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